Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sewing Zen

Sorry this is sideways...but this is my little Pilgrim dressed in a costume I made for her for a school Thanksgiving day. She looked very Pilgrimy

This is a pattern I bought today. Hancock Fabrics has their Butterick patterns on sale for .99 each, no limit, but must be in stock. I love the one in the middle and the upper left corner.

This and the gown below are lovely patterns that I think would work well for a fairy or someone in tune with nature! *g* I would love to try to make one, but alas, I have no where to wear one. It would be fabulous in a plain muslin fabric.

I have been trying to post photos of the 24 photo...I made for my daughter's third grade play. I worked on them from January until mid March when the play took place. The play was: Of Mice and Mozart. I made floor length dresses in a colonial style for the girls, vests and colonial style jackets for the boys. I even made a few wigs for the boys too! As soon as I figure out how to upload from my camera, I'll post them. The parents were totally blown away by the costumes and sets. I had a ball with the hog's heaven so to speak! The children were so excited, the looks on their faces when they saw their costumes made it all worth it. I probably spent about 200 hours on costume and set construction. I recently purchased two sewing dressmaker models on stands. One is : "Uniquely You", so I can do customized sewing for if I can just wriggle into the fitting sleeve...LOL. The other I found in my favorite junk shop for under $30. It is for a size 10 to 12 figure which I used to be once upon a time, long long ago!! I plan to use it to hold the aprons and capes I am planning on making! good farmgirl friend Kathy, please let me know if any of these patterns catch your fancy, and I'll get started with your special apron ASAP!! I will be working out custom modifications for the special Anne Shirley apron over the next few days.

But before I can do any sewing I have to finish mucking out my sewing room. Last fall, I converted our dining room into my private space. I put heavy curtains up with tension rods in the two doors into/out of my room, set up a huge cutting, sewing table, added a fabulous spring green colored bookcase, wall unit to hold my fabric and notions and got started on the costumes for the play. I am now shifting gears and am thinking I'd like to try those aprons and more shilly shallys soon, but I must sweep away the debris and start fresh. I'm almost done, one more morning of sorting, dusting and my hands are almost able to sew again! (recovering from carpal tunnel surgery on both hands...I can feel my fingers again! yeah!!) I am just babbling now, see what happens when I blog about sewing....I go all nutty in the noggin! LOL

Later, as always, drop me a note if you get a minute!
Aunt George

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Enchanted Wood Musings/Enchanted Wood Goddess said...

Hehehe Aunt George - you should be still resting those hands. I love reading what you write - you are so personable!
I am off to read more right now!
Kathy of the Enchanted Wood
I have my sewing machine someplace in this house and I have a table I can set up to sew on - who knows you might have just inspired me!

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