Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pony Pasture Park in Richmond

This is Pony Pasture Park.
This is one of our favorite places to go in the Richmond Virginia area. This is a photo of Pony Pasture Park at dawn. There are stairs that will take you right down to the river and you can walk across the James at this point. We go with a picnic lunch and wade out to one of the huge boulders. From there you can wade, swim, raft or just plain relax and listen to the rushing waters. Richmone VA is the only city in the US with Class IV rapids through the middle of the city. We love this place. The water is warm and clear, lots of rocks and formations and it is free.

We are going there tomorrow in the early morning to swim, picnic and read. Just wanted to share a bit of urban farmgirl heaven this morning.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Good July Morning...

Hello friends. It is a beautiful cool morning here in Virginia. It dipped into the high 60's last night and feels invigorating.

Big R and I are getting along wonderfully. We are working really hard on our togetherness and have renewed our plans of finding our little farm somewhere in the US. We have modified those plans somewhat. Nothing bigger than we two city slickers can handle. Found a wonderful listing near Savannah TN. It has 4 acres, small ranch style home, new swimming pool, nice garage/workshop/barn and near the Tennessee river. All for less than $150,000. Here it is:

Lovely TN home

Don't know if that link will work. We are leaving for Illinois on Wednesday. We are taking Mom's ashes to be buried with Dad on Saturday. It will be the closure we all need. I'll miss her being here with me, but it must be done to carry out her wishes. Meeting up with my brother and his family in Staunton VA and traveling as a family group.

Well, must run. Lots of things to do today.

Love you all.............oh, Kim, wondering if we could possibly meet up!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My home

The little photo to the left here is my front door.

This is my house, this past April during a rare April snow.

I thought I had more photos, but can't find them. I'll try to take a few and post them. I'm kind of in process of making so many home changes right now.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh my, it's been a while...

I have so many people to thank for kind letters and the cutest little aprons and a beautiful bear!! I will take photos and post here! Been very busy and I know that all of your prayers and healing light and words of encouragement are helping!

We are working things out and paying lots of attention to each other, the girls, our home and our goals now. Things are better, far better than they have been in along time.

We are driving to Illinois next week. Taking Mom home to be buried with Dad on July 28th.

I'll check back in withe everyone soon and with some photos of my mini aprons and of my cute little bear!!

Thank you friends!!


Final thoughts...

Thank you for visiting today. Feel free to sit for a spell and wander through my archives of sewing projects, aprons, original poems and stories, musings and vintage treasures. I really love guests in my home....and if you wish, leave me a comment so I will know you were here! AG