Friday, June 22, 2007

A Handy Can for a Sewing Goddess Friend

Here is one for a Sewing Goddess friend. The background is deep purple, the waxing moon is gold and the stars are white. All of this is from a thrifted felted wool sweater. There is a little seam ripper pocket on the backside of this one. As you can see it can hold alot and remains stable. The can held organic green beans.

These are really fun to make. Hope you will try one or two and let me tell you they are mighty handy to have near the sewing machine!!

Hugs to all,

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ok, here is my Pinkeep Entry at MJ's

Don't laugh now! But it is really just who I am.....practical, Repurposing George!!

I've made another one. This one has a thimble holder and a seam ripper pocket. The pockers are made from sleeve ribbing, so they snug up against what you put in them. The thimble pocket is made so you can insert your thimbled finger in and it will hold it while you pull your finger out. And you can stick your finger in the thimble and pull it out with the thimble on your finger! This one is made from a pretty purple sweater and then some crazy grey/mauve/lavender wool for the flower. Gosh, these are really easy and fun to make!

Oh, I added a seam ripper pocket to my MJ's entry to match the flower. I have been using it and it is sooooo functional and keeps all of my little sewing tools together and handy!! Hmmm....maybe I should call it the "Handy Can"



Here is a little pinkeep I just finished. I'm working on a few. Trying to come up with something "brilliant" for the MJ's Contest. The pinkeeps in the contest gallery ARE brilliant. It is going to take alot of thinking and needle prowess to compete! Here is one, but I've got a few more in the works.

I found this really neat silver plated oyster shell at the thrift store and added vintage lace and pink fabric...should have used pink velvet, but couldn't find any. I might redo this one. Don't particularly like the puckers....I'm going to search for pink velvet. I would like to find some opalescent fabric for the pearl. I haven't attached the oyster to the silver shell yet, so this may be a redo!! The little pearl in the center is a needle sharpener.

I'll be posting more pinkeepers as I finish them.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fabric Finds

Been stocking up on fabric at thrift stores...don't know why, but can't pass up 3 and 4 yard lengths of vintage cotton. Not one of these cost me more than $2.25 for the full length!

I've also been coming across a treasure trove of vintage patterns recently. Here are just a few of my favorites! I found some vintage 60's Vogue turban and hat patterns too. They are lovely!

The patterns have been 50 cents each. Wish they were a dime, but I'll take the 50 cents.

I'm still down sick with a horrible summer cold. I think all of the dust from the attic threw me into this. I feel like I have a slight left hilar pneumonia going on too, so I think I'll rest for the rest of today and drink lots of hot tea. I'm working on my miniaprons and some other things I owe out. Completed the dolly aprons...had hand finishing to do on them...did that yesterday.

I want to get busy and make Caftans for the girls. Found Kente print fabric from the Ivory Coast of Africa last week. It is gorgeous. I've never seen fabric like this before. It'll go perfect with the 70's Caftan patterns I found. My son wants a darsheeki shirt out of this fabric too. He plans on wearing it while gigging with his band. Says it gets really hot up there and wants to stay natural and cool!

Oh, did you notice the Sunbonnet Sue print? It matches the rust colored fabric! I was so lucky to find both at the Goodwill. They had them separated on the hanging rack!

Well gotta go and make some Rose Cream tea...only thing that helps my ears and throat feel better.

Hugs to everyone!! I hope to be making some aprons soon.


Monday, June 18, 2007

My attic and my yarn stash

For those of you who know me, you have been hearing me whine about my attic cleaning woes. Well. I went through everything in my attic...12 years worth of lazy, throw it in the attic and it will take care of itself, hoard (overconsumerism...whatever one wants to call it...LOL) are the after photos. I'm too embarrassed to have taken any before photos. I still have some sorting and reboxing to do, but it is to be 90+ degrees this week and we have a black roof, so that will have to wait. I took my fans, a radio, a chair and lots of water up there this past week and worked through the 80+ weather, but got it done. I also found most of my yarn stash....which will be finding new homes soon. Thought I'd die, but it is done!!! Woo Hooo...feels good to accomplish such a major task.

Here are some photos of my yarn stash:

Here is a photo of the stack of Workbasket magazines that I will be sorting through and sending out to Farmgirl friends too. I pulled out a few of the 50 or 60 so you could see the covers.

Thanks for blogging with me, and sorry for no posting in a long time....been a little busy!


Monday, June 11, 2007

Angels in Aprons!!

I am in a dolly apron exchange on Mary Janes Farm. One of the aprons goes to my partner and the other one goes to MJ. Frannie thought this one up. In keeping with my repurposing drive...if you scroll down and look at my daughter's costume, you will notice a similarity to the aprons and the sleeves! I repurposed her dress into a sleeveless dress and used one of the sleeves to make these two sweet little dolly aprons.

The first set of dolly aprons I made for the exchange, was snatched up by my daughters!! They came home from school and saw them side by side on the ironing board and thought I had made them for them and were so thrilled and excited. I didn't have the heart to tell them any different! So set number two is done and ready to mail! Well, all except a little finishing hand sewing on them.

The angels with aprons were made by my mother before she passed away. She was one heck of a fiber and doll artist. Well, it is midnight and I am very tired. Early day tomorrow and this is the last week of school. I have to be up at 5:30 to cut my husband's hair. Thanks for blogging with me!


Saturday, June 09, 2007

My little girls out of time.

My younger daughter is dressed in the time of the Civil War. My older daughter is from the 18th century. We went to a party at the Barnes and Nobel tonight for the Magic Treehouse. We each got really neat tote bags. Gotta run tonight, just wanted to share my girls in their dresses! Oh, what was really oxymoronic was to see a colonial girl in mob cap rolling around on Heeleys! LOL

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Antique Sewing Machine parts.....larger photos.

These are the items I found today for less than 10 dollars. The old 50's hat was included. The small white Macy's box was underneath everything in the red box and it held the tatting shuttle and bobbins with the tiny ivory crochet hook, the two white lace appliques, the pearls and sequins, I'm sure it was like Sunshine said, "Some woman's Sunday tatting box." I put them back in the little white box like I found them. The green Singer box held all of the pristine condition sewing machine feet. The huge needles were scattered about. The small Macy's envelope holds new sewing machine needles in various sizes, but age has rusted them. I think I'll send paper or steel wool them to clean them up. I'm pretty sure the feet will fit my 1936 White Rotary machine. I ruffler!!! I'm really excited. The falling apart booklet tells how to use all of the various feet! I should have flipped the tatting shuttle over because the date information is on the other side. Don't forget to click on the photos, because it takes them huge so you can see all of these things right up close!! Thanks for looking and please post what they are if you know!!! Thanks,G

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Civil War with Jack and Annie and Hannah!

The girls are going to a book party at Barnes and Noble this Saturday. Hannah chose the dress from the front of the book called: Civil War on Sunday by Mary Pope Osborne. It is in the Magic Tree House series. Here is Hannah in it, and here is the book cover, so you can see the dress that I adapted about three different patterns to get what I wanted! The apron/pinafore is made with a white cotton muslin and the dress is a soft lightweight cotton/poly gauze. I wanted to keep it cool for her since it is hot here in VA. Still need to do the finishing work: hem, buttons trim threads etc. Does it look similar to the photo? I'm very pleased and Hanah said that she loves it!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Happy Anniversary to my hubby and me!

12 years today.......I have roses from my garden as a special anniversary treat. I wish you could smell their sweet fragrance! I didn't want to cut them, but decided to enjoy them today since they don't have very long left.

Just wanted to share their beauty with you. I carried peach and salmon colored roses 12 years ago today!

Blessings.....hard to count all of mine today there are so many,
With LOVE,

Friday, June 01, 2007

Been very busy...

Well, I have been stripping wallpaper and painting and scraping and ripping up carpet and pulling nails and carpet tacks....phew....I am determined to get this place in shape so we can move on in life. We are just a couple of months away from selling this home and moving on to our dream home someplace. We are heavily leaning toward West Virginia at this point. Land is still affordable. I keep looking and dreaming, but now it is time to really dig in and clean and pitch and make this home work for that we can realize our plans!

Just wanted to let ya'll know what I am up to. Still sewing, but this must take priority for a while now.

So if I am not online like in the past....bear with me. I am also starting to collect fabrics for RenFaire items. I also have to do a Dolly Madison dress for one of my daughters by June I have sooooo much to do and sooooo little time.

Here is the pattern I shall be using. Kim....the patterns you sent are gorgeous and I will be using them, but Dolley was of a bit earlier era than the gorgeous full hoop skirts. I have been drooling over thos patterns for ages now and then BAM there they are in the mail for me!! Thank you so much!!!

Well it will be similar to this but with a lace overlay that comes to just below the knees. I am doing a grommeted corselette and chemise for her as well as a multicolored turban. Dolly was known for her exotic looking turbans.

Dani may not go for the turban look, perhaps that was just Dolly's older look, but she will look lovely in her period costume. When it is done, I shall post photos of her in her costume!

Until later,

Final thoughts...

Thank you for visiting today. Feel free to sit for a spell and wander through my archives of sewing projects, aprons, original poems and stories, musings and vintage treasures. I really love guests in my home....and if you wish, leave me a comment so I will know you were here! AG