Monday, May 28, 2007

Reproduction Vintage Apron

Did this one last night. Inspired by a pink and brown vintage apron on Sunshine's website!

Scrubbing floors and painting the kitchen. Just realized, I am painting my kitchen and my family room in this color! LOL.....I think I'm on a "Cottage Yellow" kick at the moment.

Thanks for blogging with me today.

One last thought.....give thanks for the service our fine young men and women have given us through the years. If you see a service person today...thank them!

Abundant Blessings,

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Outside Photos of Kim's Dress (since it is a garden wedding!)

Kim, I hope this is what you dreamed of when we talked of what you wanted for your handfasting. Just wanted you to get an idea of how it will look outside in the dappled sunlight in a beautiful garden.

This is the garden of a dear friend of mine. She has created a beautiful Celtic garden around her house. She is from Wales and she is a true farmgirl!!

Be sure to scroll down to see the cape spread out. This is how it will look around Kim when she is standing with her beloved...


I've Been Tagged

Please see my comments in the comments section, if you want to know more about me!

I just tagged: I'll tag a few others tonight when I have more time!

Drum Roll.........not quite finished, but, here is a sneak peek!!!

Here is Kim's Fairy Princess Handfasting gown!!!!!!

Don't mind the undone hem......and it needs the final pressing and I will be adding a few extra little touches before it goes out to her on Friday, but wanted ya'll to see why I have been a wee busy. I do love this.

The cape catches every little breeze. The back of it is about 8 feet long. I hand cut each panel of the dress and the cape separately so that they would hang correctly. I have been waiting for a couple of weeks for some special order trim to finish it up. They promised it to me tomorrow but, I am kind of liking it without the trim. The pure simplicity of the dress coupled with the floating, floral fabric ...... just magic!! Oh, and Kim, there is a huge fabric surprise...wait let me take a photo. The main fabric is different than what I originally showed you. They got it in with the spring wedding fabric and when I saw it....oh my, had to change gears!! It is the most scrumptious white on white rose print that I have ever seen. I coupled it with the mini floral spray as the center panel...let me get a close up....hold on.....Here ya go

I thought the light was interesting on this different from the others, I think the flash didn't go off though. I added in your circlet to the group of photos....Kim I hope you are pleased with the results. Oh, what do you think about the plain front of the dress? The backordered trim is the only thing I'm waiting on and it should be here tomorrow and it is just a really quick add on!!

I really hope you like this!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ordered a new apron pattern. I've been wanting for a long time...
this is a copyrighted image and I give all credit to this website and have posted the URL to this website also.

Above is the website.

Be sure to visit the website. The woman...who drafts the brilliant! I am looking forward to starting some of these aprons!! She has lots of photos on her site of dresses and other goodies as well as sewing tutorials for her patterns.

I love the A-line structure of this apron with the large pockets and the back of the apron is wonderful!!

I also just found out yesterday that one of my daughter's is going to be Dolly Madison at school and needs a costume in a few sewing after Kim's handfasting dress is done!! And it almost is!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Summer Weight Pink and Green

This is done with a pattern......go figure......LOL

Anyway, it is made of a vintage 80's lightweight floral cotton print with a hot pink poly/cotton poplin flounce and ties. I used lime green rick rack and topstitched it in lime green. I did a handkerchief hem on the flounce so that it wouldn't be weighed down with a folded hem. Hope ya'll like this one!!

Close up of the "hankie pocket" as my grandmother used to call them.

Have a great day, thanks for reading my blog!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Apron #3 from one pair of denim jeans

This one is not finished yet, but I am way too tired to finish it tonight.

Oh, the winner of the little goodie basket is Laura at 2imzfarm...Can you email me with your address and I'll get your little something in the mail this week.

Now on to apron #3. It is a cute farmgirl apron with a sewn in petticote. It has antique lace, vintage fabric and a muslin petticote with hand made cotton edging. I just tied the big bow in front because the ties aren't sewn yet, but they are long enough to wrap and bow in the front or hang down long in the back.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Apron number two from one pair of size 14 women's jeans

I call this one: Lobster Love!

Apron number three from this one pair of jeans will hopefully done tomorrow!!

My Etsy site and this is my 100th posting!!! Woo Hoo!!

In celebration of my 100th blog post, I am putting together a special little package for someone. If you would like a chance at this little something.....just leave me a note here on this 100th posting!! Good luck!! I will draw a name when my visit counter gets to 500!! It is at 473 right now.

Would anyone care to look at my storefront and tell me what you think? No stock listed yet, working on that. Got lots of irons in the fire at the moment.

I will be reducing the number of categories....wrote those out when I was a bit balmy late one night! LOL....thanks!! I will be concentrating on aprons, jeanesis and Bobbie's Bonnets!! And I'll be putting some of my beaded circlets when the mood strikes me to make one!! Sometimes I need to create something away from the sewing machine.

Anyway, thanks in advance!!


Here is my site:

Again, Thanks!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just repurpsed some Lee jeans tonight.

Last week Sarah sent a beautiful cowgirl shirt to me for repurposing. It is a little frayed at the shoulder, but it is gorgeous!! Don't have the heart to cut it yet. My daughter laid claim to it right away!! She wants it repaired so she can wear it. helped to inspire this repurposed pair of jeans right into a beautiful cowgirl skirt. This skirt will wear like iron and can be machine washed and dried. It used to be a size 14 pant, I made really long ties in the back. The skirt part is new fabric, in 100% cotton but with a nice toile' print. Hope ya'll like this one!! Took me about 2 hours to do this one. I made bias tape from the blue toile' to bind off the side edges of the skirt. This one would be so fun to wear to a BBQ or hostess a BBQ in!!

A little smile for someone...

I'll tell you later about these little mini aprons....just wanted to show them to you for now.

A new little top.

This was a hideous black lace prom dress. The top isn't crooked, just a visual anomaly. I cut the back out of it and made loops from the fabric and then strung it up the back. I also shredded the hem...not shown in this photo. This one has front and side stays. It should fit up to a size 14 or so with the laces in the back. It went to the shop yesterday. I loved the way it turned out!! Wish I could wear something like this again. Oh well....

So far I've just done a top from it, but the black lace will make a fabulous skirt. Just haven't gotten to it yet. Too much other stuff to do.

I love these cool spring mornings. I'm sitting here next to my open window in my studio and enjoying the delicate breeze and the playful chirruping of the birds. One in particular is singing and carrying on like it doesn't have a worry in the world. Its joy is infectious this morning.

I can hear my hubby going through his morning routine...fixing his breakfast (he prefers to cook his own breakfast.) My coffee tastes wonderful, I just heard my youngest daughter's alarm clock, she likes to get up early and read for a half hour each morning. She is in second grade and is reading on an eighth grade level. She always has about 4 or 5 books going at any one time...amazing!! She is just like her daddy. My other daughter is probably in her room creating something beautiful with her pencils and paper or playing her piano with her headphones on. She is my artsy/fartsy girl and her imagination knows no boundries!!

Well, I guess my day is now starting so off for more coffee and gotta get busy.

Have a wonderful and blessing filled day,

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I woke up to the gift of Fairy Houses on this fine Mother's Day!! be a small girl again. My girls believe in fairies.

We were recently introduced to the most lovely video called: "Kristen's Fairy House" It is a short docufictionary about a little girl visiting her Children's Illustrator Aunt on an island off the Maine coast where people build and leave fairy houses.

As you can see my girls were inspired to build fairy houses of their own. They have a total of 4 built already since yesterday. I wondered where one of my girls got off to this morning...really early and she was outside building another fairy house. I know that when we leave this home, the next owners will wonder who built these curious little abodes and what they are used for. Well, we will leave a little children's magic here for them to enjoy!

One more thought. If you are feeling a little depressed, build a fairy house, or visit this absolutely delightful blog. This blog, Sweet Harvest Homestead, lowers my blood pressure by at least 50% when I'm stressed. Enjoy! Thanks Lindy for making such a wonderful cyberhome for we farmgirl wanderers.

Love and Blessings on this Mother's Day,

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A new repurposed apron....

This apron is for someone who is NOT all about rick rack. Not one trace of rick rack on it. It is a tailored half apron with a pleated ruffle. I topstitched all of the seams so it would have the touch of a tailored shirt. I darted the top of the apron skirt and did a very unique tie. Thinner women can wrap the apron, abundantly blessed women can just fasten it in the back! I am really pleased with this design!!

Wanted to see if I could make an apron that would fit a plus size and/or a small size out of a mens small shirt. Well, I did it.. This one will fit a skinny minny up to an abundantly blessed farmgirl like myself. I am really becoming obsessed with this repurposing!! I did also figure out how to get a full apron, but chose to do a half apron with a ruffle instead. This is another short sleeved shirt. I had to get out my seam ripper to conserve fabric and get every usable inch of fabric from this shirt. Thought I would show you the left over pile after I was done. The piping package is there as a size reference point.

The total cost?
Well not including thread...which I already had, it cost me a grand total of: 54 cents!!

Not bad! It is a 100% cotton Sonoma shirt. Well, is that JCPenney or Target? Can't remember! LOL

Well, NO sewing tomorrow. My house is a disaster and I MUST cook for my family tomorrow and paint my kitchen. I did get lots and lots of sewing done today!! Looking forward to sewing Kim's handfasting dress next week!!!

Thanks for blogging with me tonight.

Kim's Bridal/Handfasting Cape

Please excuse the boxes and misc. stuff lying around. We are painting and fixing up, so my sewing room is becoming a holding area for is clean though. The photo just doesn't do justice to the fabric of this cape. It is so light weight that the slightest breeze captures it and makes it float like gossamer. The fabric was semi difficult to work with....had to do french seams throughout, but it was worth it. I used invisible thread on all seams and then did a white cotton satin stitch around the edges for the hem. There is a white satin frog closure at the front throat.

The center back is 84" long. It will just swirl around her like she is a fairy princess!! This cape is on my sewing dummy and I had to set her up on my cutting table and the cape is so long that it drags on the floor. It will be like a train for her.

Final thoughts...

Thank you for visiting today. Feel free to sit for a spell and wander through my archives of sewing projects, aprons, original poems and stories, musings and vintage treasures. I really love guests in my home....and if you wish, leave me a comment so I will know you were here! AG