Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kim's Bridal/Handfasting Cape

Please excuse the boxes and misc. stuff lying around. We are painting and fixing up, so my sewing room is becoming a holding area for stuff...it is clean though. The photo just doesn't do justice to the fabric of this cape. It is so light weight that the slightest breeze captures it and makes it float like gossamer. The fabric was semi difficult to work with....had to do french seams throughout, but it was worth it. I used invisible thread on all seams and then did a white cotton satin stitch around the edges for the hem. There is a white satin frog closure at the front throat.

The center back is 84" long. It will just swirl around her like she is a fairy princess!! This cape is on my sewing dummy and I had to set her up on my cutting table and the cape is so long that it drags on the floor. It will be like a train for her.

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