Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just repurpsed some Lee jeans tonight.

Last week Sarah sent a beautiful cowgirl shirt to me for repurposing. It is a little frayed at the shoulder, but it is gorgeous!! Don't have the heart to cut it yet. My daughter laid claim to it right away!! She wants it repaired so she can wear it. helped to inspire this repurposed pair of jeans right into a beautiful cowgirl skirt. This skirt will wear like iron and can be machine washed and dried. It used to be a size 14 pant, I made really long ties in the back. The skirt part is new fabric, in 100% cotton but with a nice toile' print. Hope ya'll like this one!! Took me about 2 hours to do this one. I made bias tape from the blue toile' to bind off the side edges of the skirt. This one would be so fun to wear to a BBQ or hostess a BBQ in!!


susan said...

oh how pretty! i love this. at first i thought it was a skirt then i noticed it didnt have a back!!! hehe. sew pretty!

kim said...

OOoooooh! I love that!!!

Final thoughts...

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