Sunday, May 13, 2007

I woke up to the gift of Fairy Houses on this fine Mother's Day!! be a small girl again. My girls believe in fairies.

We were recently introduced to the most lovely video called: "Kristen's Fairy House" It is a short docufictionary about a little girl visiting her Children's Illustrator Aunt on an island off the Maine coast where people build and leave fairy houses.

As you can see my girls were inspired to build fairy houses of their own. They have a total of 4 built already since yesterday. I wondered where one of my girls got off to this morning...really early and she was outside building another fairy house. I know that when we leave this home, the next owners will wonder who built these curious little abodes and what they are used for. Well, we will leave a little children's magic here for them to enjoy!

One more thought. If you are feeling a little depressed, build a fairy house, or visit this absolutely delightful blog. This blog, Sweet Harvest Homestead, lowers my blood pressure by at least 50% when I'm stressed. Enjoy! Thanks Lindy for making such a wonderful cyberhome for we farmgirl wanderers.

Love and Blessings on this Mother's Day,


naturalmom said...

How cute! It reminds me of the little rock formations that the menehune are said to leave (Hawaii).

mima said...

I always wanted a fairy house in my backyard! I have tons of seashells too- wondered what to do with them! You've inspired me!

Lindy said...

Hi Georgann,
Thanks a lot for the kind words.
I am so very happy that you have the video now! Isn't it neat?
I love Mediaeval Baebes too. They are haunting.
Take care girl.

Final thoughts...

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