Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A new repurposed apron....

This apron is for someone who is NOT all about rick rack. Not one trace of rick rack on it. It is a tailored half apron with a pleated ruffle. I topstitched all of the seams so it would have the touch of a tailored shirt. I darted the top of the apron skirt and did a very unique tie. Thinner women can wrap the apron, abundantly blessed women can just fasten it in the back! I am really pleased with this design!!

Wanted to see if I could make an apron that would fit a plus size and/or a small size out of a mens small shirt. Well, I did it.. This one will fit a skinny minny up to an abundantly blessed farmgirl like myself. I am really becoming obsessed with this repurposing!! I did also figure out how to get a full apron, but chose to do a half apron with a ruffle instead. This is another short sleeved shirt. I had to get out my seam ripper to conserve fabric and get every usable inch of fabric from this shirt. Thought I would show you the left over pile after I was done. The piping package is there as a size reference point.

The total cost?
Well not including thread...which I already had, it cost me a grand total of: 54 cents!!

Not bad! It is a 100% cotton Sonoma shirt. Well, is that JCPenney or Target? Can't remember! LOL

Well, NO sewing tomorrow. My house is a disaster and I MUST cook for my family tomorrow and paint my kitchen. I did get lots and lots of sewing done today!! Looking forward to sewing Kim's handfasting dress next week!!!

Thanks for blogging with me tonight.


sunshine said...

lovely as always take care sunshine

~~Mikki Jo said...

I just love the idea of using a mans shirt, so thrifty and cute too! Great idea! Love the apron, nice colors.

Kay said...

Love this apron -- Georgann you are so talented. Now if I could only win this in the drawing!


Nancy Jo said...

My goodess! You can turn just about anything into an apron. I can wear them, thats my talent.
What color are you painting your kitchen?

mima said...

I gotta tell you GeorgeAnn, you never cease to amaze me! By the way hope you get your dream farm! Sooo adorable and what a price!

GardenGoose said...

very nice. you got my daughter hooked on trying this. she just finished a repurposed apron the other day.
you go girl!
hugs to you and a Happy Mother's Day too.

Tori's Mimi said...

This is great Georgeann. Such a talent and thrifty to boot!
take care,

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