Thursday, May 17, 2007

A new little top.

This was a hideous black lace prom dress. The top isn't crooked, just a visual anomaly. I cut the back out of it and made loops from the fabric and then strung it up the back. I also shredded the hem...not shown in this photo. This one has front and side stays. It should fit up to a size 14 or so with the laces in the back. It went to the shop yesterday. I loved the way it turned out!! Wish I could wear something like this again. Oh well....

So far I've just done a top from it, but the black lace will make a fabulous skirt. Just haven't gotten to it yet. Too much other stuff to do.

I love these cool spring mornings. I'm sitting here next to my open window in my studio and enjoying the delicate breeze and the playful chirruping of the birds. One in particular is singing and carrying on like it doesn't have a worry in the world. Its joy is infectious this morning.

I can hear my hubby going through his morning routine...fixing his breakfast (he prefers to cook his own breakfast.) My coffee tastes wonderful, I just heard my youngest daughter's alarm clock, she likes to get up early and read for a half hour each morning. She is in second grade and is reading on an eighth grade level. She always has about 4 or 5 books going at any one time...amazing!! She is just like her daddy. My other daughter is probably in her room creating something beautiful with her pencils and paper or playing her piano with her headphones on. She is my artsy/fartsy girl and her imagination knows no boundries!!

Well, I guess my day is now starting so off for more coffee and gotta get busy.

Have a wonderful and blessing filled day,


Nancy Jo said...

What a cute top, can't wait to see the skirt.
Are you still putting your hand mades in that store? I have kind of lost track of what you are doing. Are you still looking to move? You are way to busy!!!
All sounds happy at your house this morning, your girls are growing up so fast.

kim said...

That one will go fast! Too cute! I will have to send you some stuff and you can re-purpose and sell.

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