Thursday, June 07, 2007

Antique Sewing Machine parts.....larger photos.

These are the items I found today for less than 10 dollars. The old 50's hat was included. The small white Macy's box was underneath everything in the red box and it held the tatting shuttle and bobbins with the tiny ivory crochet hook, the two white lace appliques, the pearls and sequins, I'm sure it was like Sunshine said, "Some woman's Sunday tatting box." I put them back in the little white box like I found them. The green Singer box held all of the pristine condition sewing machine feet. The huge needles were scattered about. The small Macy's envelope holds new sewing machine needles in various sizes, but age has rusted them. I think I'll send paper or steel wool them to clean them up. I'm pretty sure the feet will fit my 1936 White Rotary machine. I ruffler!!! I'm really excited. The falling apart booklet tells how to use all of the various feet! I should have flipped the tatting shuttle over because the date information is on the other side. Don't forget to click on the photos, because it takes them huge so you can see all of these things right up close!! Thanks for looking and please post what they are if you know!!! Thanks,G


kim said...

How cool is that! I love the hat!

2 LMZ FARMS said...

That is neat. Don't you just love looking at things like and wondering what the owner was like? What kind of life did they have?
Have a good one.

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