Monday, July 23, 2007

Good July Morning...

Hello friends. It is a beautiful cool morning here in Virginia. It dipped into the high 60's last night and feels invigorating.

Big R and I are getting along wonderfully. We are working really hard on our togetherness and have renewed our plans of finding our little farm somewhere in the US. We have modified those plans somewhat. Nothing bigger than we two city slickers can handle. Found a wonderful listing near Savannah TN. It has 4 acres, small ranch style home, new swimming pool, nice garage/workshop/barn and near the Tennessee river. All for less than $150,000. Here it is:

Lovely TN home

Don't know if that link will work. We are leaving for Illinois on Wednesday. We are taking Mom's ashes to be buried with Dad on Saturday. It will be the closure we all need. I'll miss her being here with me, but it must be done to carry out her wishes. Meeting up with my brother and his family in Staunton VA and traveling as a family group.

Well, must run. Lots of things to do today.

Love you all.............oh, Kim, wondering if we could possibly meet up!



kim said...

I'd love to! Let me know when and where you'll be and we can see what we can do!!!!

GardenGoose said...

so very delighted for you that things are going well.(high five to you! yippee!)
oh the house sounds very nice..couldn't see the picture..but in either case..I do hope that you are able to realize your farm dream.
hoping that all goes well with your travels to Illinois.
hugs to you. have a good weekend.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Oh that's great!..come to Tennessee! That is where I'm from and gonna move back there in the next couple of years..Have a home to sale in northeast Alabama first.

We are most probably going to Murfreesboro, Tennessee or there abouts :o)

Glad you are doing so well :o)

...til next time ~ queenofdreamsz

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