Tuesday, July 04, 2006

50 Things about me

Happy 4th of July!!!

I was inspired by a farmgirl friend to list some things you probably don't know about me. Thanks Aunt Jenny. Ya'll know I love to sew, so that is not even in my list!

Hope I don't bore ya too bad!! Here is something pretty to look at too. My only Shasta bloom this year. Bad year for Shastas here in VA.

1. I LOVE red licorice especially at the movies.....gotta have it with popcorn and a diet Coke (hehehe gotta save calories somewhere!)
2. My first job was at The Blackhawk Restaurant. I was a salad girl. I was 15 and filled the salad bowls on the buffet line. It was the best restaurant in Jacksonville, Illinois at the time.
3. Middle child in my family
4. Somewhere in the middle again grandchild on both sides of the family
5. Have wanted to be a mother and farmwife all of my life. First one happened, but the second one never will. I will be a farmgirl some day!!
6. Wanted to have 3 kids when I grew up. Had only one for 17 years then had two more, so my dreams came true.
7. I HATE to wear high heels. They ruined my feet. Wore them all the time in the late 70's when I was a Merchandising Manager for JCPenney. Walked the store in them.....ouch....NEVER again. Maybe that is why I went into nursing....no highheels! LOL
8. I do wear shorts...alot, especially under my skirts. Hmmmm....I think I might try making bloomers! LOL
9. favorite color ...to wear: black To have in my pocket: folded green! LOL
10. movie: "Funny Farm" with Chevy Chase......cityboy and wife move to the farm....laughed my rear end off......LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this movie!!!
11. music: ELLIOTT YAMIN Home town boy made good on American Idol. Love soft jazz, blues and funk
12. I can play the spoons and kazoo! (haven't had any offers to do it in public though.)
13. I love DUKE'S mayo.....it's a Southern thang.
14. I want a beater pick up truck.....my dream car!
15. I drive a '97 silver Honda Civic
16. I am a night owl...I guess from doing third shifts for many years and menopause. I love the middle of the night. Quiet, one can think, everything seems so cozy.
17. My favorite food is duh, no brainer here: DARK chocolate!
18.if you come to my house I will be wearing: everything stretch cotton...sleeveless tank and pedal pushers.
19. I don't like to be in charge, but am in charge all the time at work...not afraid of it, just part and parcel of being the "senior" nurse all the time.
20. I smile alot
21. I am very grateful for my family....can't say that enough. They are the heart and soul of my life.
22. I have wonderful friends
23. I love to learn, and do well by listening and watching.
24. I love to volunteer at the elementary school, well within reason. I also like my free time!
25. I hate motels (I'll stay in them, but I know they don't really wash that bedspread in between customers! blech......
26. I love to be outside at night. The cool air, the crickets chirping, night owls hooting...love it.
27. I don't mind crowds, prefer not to be in them though.
28. I don't like doing dishes, but nobody else will do them, so I'm stuck with it!
29.I had a hard time saying no, but have no problem with it anymore. Too many people took advantage of my good nature through the years. I can still say no, but know how to temper it. So when I say yes, I really mean it!
30. do dye my hair, still questing for my natural color.....lol....I am a natural blonde, but it dulled about 8 years ago and now I dye it. I am almost to my natural color now and am letting it grow out.
31. can't resist books and fabric and have way way too much of both...OMG.....Me too!!!!!!
32. could spend hours just watching my children....oh, wait....I do! LOL
33. dream vacation...Me, My hubby, My kids in an RV traveling across the US....Oh, and a stop in Illinois to pick up my MOM!!
34. grew up in the Midwest....Illinois....near the Mississippi....love the river. Live near the James River now....love the river!!
35. I LOVE to fish..but haven't done it in years. Some of my best memories are of fishing with my dad. Getting up in the wee morning hours. Mom would pack sandwiches and shoo us out of the house with dad....hmmmm......maybe that was Mom's mini vacation! LOL.....now I know what she did when we were fishing....danced, danced, danced! LOL
36. I don't like to shop for clothes....for myself...but I love to shop for clothes for my kids.
37. A good old movie is one of my favorite things
38. When I was little I was known for being a little wildcat when pushed too far by my older siblings.
39. I like to learn new ways to do old things...that is why I love new graduate nurses. They have so much to offer we old nurse warhorses, if we would just listen!!
40. I can't stand baseball. I know, unamerican....but it is soooooo boring!!! Oh, oh...also Nascar...........argh, I know, I know.......unSouthern......oh, well.
41. love to snuggle with my kids and dog.
42. Not a fancy bone in my body, don't even own a dress anymore, or a pair of dress shoes.
43. my scent is sweat! LOL No I love Lily of the Valley and when I dab on parfume' it is Joy.
44. love baby powder
45. love Shih Tzus!!
46. grew up around cats...one at a time and ALWAYS named Tom.
47. pedal pushers and running sneakers
48. At a buffet the first thing I go for is the broccoli chicken (we go to Hong Kong King Buffet)
49. I drink at least a gallon of decaf tea a day. I love water, but get heartburn from it. weird huh?
50. My girls are my favorite flowers. No really I love all flowers, but my favorite: shhhh...roses!! I'm a sucker for a sweet smelling rose.

There I did it too.

Happy 4th of July!!


nancyjo said...

Aunt George,
How cute now I know lots more about you, like that idea.
I also hate those bedspreads in motels, try not to have much to do with them.
Also like fishing, but don't get to do it much anymore. When I was growing up we had a river right down the lane so would fish there. My daughter and son inlaw have a cabin on water so get to fish there when we go.
Love tea, gives me heartburn, but that doesn't stop me from drinking it.
So see , we could be twins. HA.
I have been watching the mj site for all the farm fair updates, fun to read what they all did. hope someone posts pictures soon.
Have a happy fourth.

auntgeorge said...

Thanks Nancy Jo!
It was fun. You could always, copy and paste yours into the comments! I'd love to read yours. I really enjoyed reading Jenny's so decided to do it too! I simplified this comments section so it would be easier to post.
Hugs to you too,

Aunt Jenny said...

Boy..I wish you lived closer..we could be fast friends for sure...alot in common! Well....all but that mayo thing..ugh!! Haha!
It was fun to read your list!!!
I love your blog..you are sure talented in the apron department..since aprons are one of my favorite things..I loved seeing the history of nurses and aprons too!!

Final thoughts...

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