Monday, July 24, 2006

It's been so long since I've had time to blog....

Sorry, been realllllly busy with work and exhaustion, but...I have been sewing!

Here is a dress for a friend.

It is the most lovely cotton with a gorgeous rose print. Lots of topstitching and big pockets. She did a great job picking out the fabric!

The girls wanted to have new gowns, so I decided I could make two gowns faster than going out to shop for them. So the girls went "shopping" in my fabric closet and came up with these two cute creations! Didn't even have to leave the that is my kind of shopping!! Each gown took less than an hour from lay out to over the head! The fabrics really reflect their unique personalities too.

Today is lots of laundry and possibly a trip to the swimming pool for the girls. It has been hot, hot, hot and very humid here the past two weeks.....blech.

I really hope ya'll are having a great summer. It's been super busy here. I'm finally getting used to the extra hours in my new job. Boy hospital work is sure hard! I did it for over twenty years, then went into homecare for a couple of back to the hospital...phew, just can't run the halls like I did in my 20's.

Well, love and happiness to all. Don't forget to smile today, hug someone you love!



nancyjo said...

Aunt George
So glad to see you back up and running, or at least walking fast. missed you.
What cute dresses, wish I could sew because I love clothes. I show everyone who gets anywhere near my house the Nancy JO apron you made, then they say, did you make this!!? and I pause a minute and then confess that my aunt George made it.
Did you see on Sunshines blog the outfit she is making for my EFFIE DOLL? can hardly wait until she comes home.
The real hot weather is has cooled down a little, so not as bad as last week.
Take care and gives your little ones a big hug for me, they are so cute.

sunshine said...

beautiful dress love the colors. i hope your friend really enjoys it. Quiet the eye your children have mine would pick similar things ( fabrics) bright with lots of patterns great to be a kid. I hope you are getting use to work and that all is going well glad to hear you had a little time for your self to sew. Take care sunshine

The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...

So good to see you back. What an eye catching beauty that dress is. I do love that fabric. That so looks like something Panda would have picked out(orange with polka dots- she is on an orange kick and i cannot convince green is more in...). Rest up and soak your feet. Maybe a spearamint leaf/EO soak and a long foot rub from hubby.

Final thoughts...

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