Friday, April 27, 2007

Tutorial Preview

Many people have asked me to do a repurposing tutorial on making aprons from thrift store finds. Well here is a peek a couple of the tutorial photos. So after a question on MJ's Farmgirls today about where to get good heavy weight apron fabric that doesn't cost an arm, leg and your first born, I decided it was time to share one of my secrets....Thrift store fabric!!!

Take for example this beautiful man's shirt. It is 100% cotton and as an added bonus it is stain resistant. It was marked at $4 (which is too expensive for me to buy it) but it was 75% off day on all red tag items, so this red tagged shirt cost me $1. I was going to make some bias tape, but didn't have the just right shade of red, so I bought some for around $1.50. So we are up to a grand total of $2.50. I didn't have to buy any thread...I already have a stockpile of white thread. The last photo shows the cut out design layed out on the floor for a final check before I start sewing things together I haven't had time to sew the apron together, but I do have all of the presewing pressing done, so when I get to it later tonight, the actual sewing will only take about a half hour. This designing and cutting of the pieces took about 1hour today. I took photos all along during the design and cutting process, so I shall post those on my blog later today. I am going to use vintage deep read rick rack on i t for trim and will bind around the bib and the sides of the skirt. When I am done, I'll post finished photos of it on my blog and I may send it to some lucky farmgirl who posts on this blog about my apron!!

Good Luck and the finished apron will hopefully be up tonight or Saturday!! I'll have the completed tutorial up as soon as I can. Taking lots of detail photos and will have to write up the instructions too, so it will take awhile...but it will be up within the next few days.


mima said...

Hopefully I did this right! Sign me up please! Hugs!!! Debi(Mima)

Anonymous said...

Aunt George,
This is fantastic! Where did you ever get this idea? I never would have thought to be so creative and thrifty.
I love reading your blog.
And all your creative ideas at MJF.
One of your farmgirl friends,
(levisgrammy @ MJF)

kim said...

Geez, you are so clever with this stuff!

kim said...

Oh, and since I am already getting an apron from you, don't put me in the drawing.

Merle said...

I would love to have this apron!

vintagechica said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the finished tutorial. I would love to post it on a new apron blog I am involved with. Would that be OK with you?

Farmgirl blessings!


sunshine said...

you always do such nice work. I actually came here today to tell you that I got your box in the mail yesterday. I thought it was going to be one skein. WOW my heart jump when I saw a whole bag full and vintage blanket satin too. Oh thank you so much.

take care

Day4plus said...

How smart, how clever, etc,etc. I am glad to be able to watch this apron come into being step ab step. thank you. Marybeth

MariaAZ said...

I LOVE this idea!!! Hubby has plenty of shirts that I can repurpose as aprons; I'm eagerly awaiting the full tutorial! Please add my name to the list.

auntgeorge said...

Hello All, I'm sorting through all of the photos that I took yesterday while making this apron. I spent the day at the river with my hubby and girls, but will finish writing the photo captions tonight and post either tonight or tomorrow! It really was fun. there were parts that I made way too complicated, but I will easy them down for the final instructions. I love the surprise on the inside waistband!!!!

I have your names in the apron drawing and I will finish the neck tie after the winner is chosen, so I can get it the right length for the new owner!

Oh, and Sunshine...glad you liked the thread. I snapped that up at the Thrifty Quaker along with that blanket binding, because I know you need vintage threads to do your museum repair work!! I just knew you could use it for your repair stash!! Do you know about how old it is.

Beverly said...

Georgean, you are way too clever! I LOVE this apron!

Mandi said...

Please add me to the list Georgean! My husband was going through his shirts the other day, so I grabbed them all! Someday I may even get to complete a project! We need to find a way to repurpose chef coats, any thoughts?

auntgeorge said...

Can you send me a chef coat and let me see what I can come up with? I'd love to give it a go!! I already have an idea on what to do with a chef coat! LOL......

Leezard said...

I'd love to be in the drawing for the apron!

You do such great work! I love seeing the things you're putting together for Kim's wedding, so beautiful!

Leezard (Liz)

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