Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Betty Sue Apron

Finally another apron to post. I did this one up in about an hour today. I do think that I will shorten the length by cutting away the top part, and resewing the top. I modified a really simple apron pattern that I found online. I devised an easier pocket application that gives you huge pockets and is a snap to sew on...very easy for a beginner. I also did a very subtle scalloped hemline. The best part about this apron is that it will fit anyone. It is fully adjustable to give front and side coverage for the thin and/or fluffy farmgirl! The fabric and the bias tape are both vintage. I love this fabric. Has that crisp 50's feel to it. Ya'll know I love long aprons, but this one turned out too long. I'm going to shorten it a bit so that I can fully reach the pockets too. Or I'll need to grow longer arms. This is what happens when I don't use patterns! LOL.

My goal when starting this apron was to sew an apron with no waste, that was adjustable and that could be done by anyone from beginner to advanced. I utilized the width of the fabric and the factory selvages as finished sides...just covered them with bias tape, therefore I ended up with a full width apron, then simply cut off strips (actually tore them along the grain) to use for the ties and the pocket. pattern, no waste, simplified pocket application, adjustable size ties in front or back.

Hope you like this one.

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