Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A pile of fabric!

Here is the pile. I will post more photos of the fabrics as I sort through them. This was unbelievable. There are hundreds of dollars worth of fabric here!!

This is just sitting in my front hallway for the moment. The girls each grabbed a piece for projects for me to work on tonight. My older daughter wants bellbottom pants out of butterfly fabric and my younger daughter wants a jumper out of this bright green cotton with little fun things printed on it.

I had a little time to go through some of this before the girls got home today, there are velvets in brown and a lush rosy brown, lots and lots of floral prints, nice solid color and solids with colored slubs through them. Plaids, checks, some double knits that look like what my grandmother wore...very retro. About 8 different baby rosebud prints in woven and stretch both...perfect for little girls nightgowns. This will be fun!

Thanks for blogging with me tonight. More later, I'll just add photos to this entry as I take them.

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How have I missed your site. LOVED IT


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