Thursday, January 04, 2007

My mother is here and settling in.

My mother is here and comfortable in her new home. It is wonderful to have her here living with us. My husband said the nicest thing to her tonight. She was coming in to the kitchen where we were talking...myhusband and I and she says, "knock,knock, knock" My husband said in response: "You don't have to knock, this is your home too!" I wanted to hug him and hold him and tell him how much I love him for being just who he is. I'm so blessed. More later,
Thank you for blogging with me.


Anonymous said...

Aunt George,
Why does Andrea have a cape over her head? Just wondered. You have been busy making things as usual I see. Your jewelery has been coming out really pretty.
So nice that your Mom can be with you, she is very lucky and so are you girls.
Did you ever have time to check out my blog? I post pictures all the time and make the MJ girls look at them.

Aunt Jenny said...

Your husband sounds like such a keeper. I worry about the time when (if) my Mom needs to live here...since I know it would be a struggle for my husband and Mom to get along. They are both great..but so much alike that they clash. I think your girls and your whole family will benefit from your Mom living with you. You will be so blessed for your loving care of her too. You are sure inspiring!

Rebecca said...

What a wonderful thing for him to say.

Anonymous said...

Your mother is blessed to have such a loving son-in-law AND daughter. I admire you guys for taking care of her. Love that art. Is it yours?

auntgeorge said...

No not mine, and didn't have an artist's name with it to post, so whoever the talented artist is, I give you full credit!!

Thank you all for visiting my blog. It is good to know that my girlfriends care!

Final thoughts...

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