Sunday, January 28, 2007

Remnants and Thrift store Farmgirl Chic'

My daughters say they are magical because they spin well and look pretty when spinning!

This is the first of the skirts. I have a blue one that is almost done. It just needs beads and a hem. I have pink and green skirts with the preliminary sewing completed. I need to french seam them, hem and fix the waist in each one.

The next one is a blue version coupled with a thrift store jacket that I found for $5. It is beautiful up close. It has beads on it and lots of beautiful fabric sewn on. It is actually a women's sweatshirt, opened up the front and made into a jacket. I am going to have to try this craft very soon. I have since then seen some beautiful sweatshirts done like this. And I thought $5 was a bargain for this beauty!! Oh, and it fits me perfectly and is so soft, comfy and warm.

Well that is it for me tonight! Thanks for blogging with me. Hope you enjoy my adventure into draw string skirts! Oh, I have a real treat coming soon. A gorgeous little black triple layer number!! Velvet, burn out fabric and black lace! Truly bewitching! (well, I hope at least!) Winds are picking up tonight. Must be the full moon coming soon.

Hope you like these.


Beemoosie said...

You are such an artist! Just beautiful, Aunt George!

auntgeorge said...

Thanks Beemoosie! Never really thought of myself as an artist before. Kinda nice to think that way! Thanks!!

2 LMZ FARMS said...

You always have the neatest things on your site. All mine are about my dailky chores. Gosh, to have a skirt like that and the apron I love.

Final thoughts...

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