Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tea Time and Fabulous Finds!

I swear my older daughter (9 yrs old) is going to be a chemist or herbalist someday. She loves going to the herb shop with her little list and picking out tea making herbs. She mixed one up the other day with her own mortar and pestle (bought it with her own money) that was absolutely delicious! I told her it would be a perfect Imbolc or Valentine's day decoction! It was pale pink and tasted like sweet spring rain. She combined spearment, hibiscus flowers and orange peel. I added a packet of "Splenda" and oh, my oh my...delicious! This is what her work counter looked like the other day. She arranged the clear crystals while she was working on her tea. Oh, see the little tea brewer called "ingenuitea?" We saw it on HGTV about a year ago, and LOVE this little gadget. You steep your tea in it, then place it directly on your teacup and it empties right in to the cup. No fuss, no muss!!

Went to "The Thrifty Quaker" the other day and found some beautiful retro floor length dresses. I'll see if I can post some photos of them. Got them for 50% off of $8 each. I was going to buy them for the fabric and cut them up and use the velvet and interesting rhinestones fabric, but decided they are far too pretty to cut, so I shall save them for the girls. Retro should be chic' when they are in highschool! LOL...I may cut them yet! *g*

I found this great little number at a junk shop I browse frequently. Sorry the photo is a little blurry, but I am too tired to take another one right now. I slipped the finished blue skirt on it just so you can see how it stands. I am taking this to the shop to display a skirt on. Hopefully it will look great for a sales tool for my skirts. I do love it. It is a silver metal frame. I can slip a shirt, purse, tote, hat, skirt over this and display it beautifully. The base has three little swirly feet to keep it stable. Well, getting sleepy, talk to ya tomorrow!

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Beemoosie said...

Wow your daughter makes her own tea, LOVELY! She'll have to teach us how. I think your stand would be a great sales tool! It is unique and eyecatching. But who could resist your skirts!?

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