Sunday, February 11, 2007

Playing catch up

The hurryder I go the behinder I get.

Read that somewhere a long time ago and I now understand what it means. I always feel I am hurrying and never getting anything done. I pick up after my two little girls, pick up aftermyself, pick up after the hubby and mom pick up after themselves! Bless them. I feel like I am spinning like a top. Don't need to be, just am. How does one slow down and smell the roses? My mom used to say that I always put too many irons in the fire...yes taht is true. I feel like I have such a short time on this earth, so I want to get as much done as humanly possible. But I want to smell the roses, hug my children, kiss my husband, throw the ball with my pups and snuggle with my mom under an electric blanket and watch a great movie. So that is what I am going to do today...oh, along with sew, cook, clean, play, computerize, and the 100 other things on my list today.

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