Thursday, February 01, 2007

Crochet for little girls

I loved to crochet before my carpal tunnel set in. I made these two little items for my girls and they wore them until they outgrew them. I've been looking for little girls who like mommy made clothing, and Tasha, I think your girls do. I'd love to send them to you if your girls like them. If they don't like them, then you won't offend me in the least by not taking them. Just email me to let me know!

Here is the cotton poncho.

Sorry, my camera batteries are low, so the clarity is a bit poor this evening. They are both soft and comfy. I hope your little girls like them. (I know the baby is too small, but Grace should fit in them well.

Oh, and the flannel baby diapers: do you need plain flannel or is print flannel ok?



Tasha-Rose said...

LOVE THESE!!!! And you are so very generous to want my girls to have them!!

I don't think it matters on the dipes, if tey are printed or not. Whatever is left over I am just donating right to the family center for them to distribute.

I'll email later to give you my address!!


auntgeorge said...

So glad they will go to a great mom and beautiful little girls....I think my girls are beautiful too!! I hope they wear them and have lots of fun while wearing them! I'll get them washed up and out in the mail ASAP!!

vintagechica said...

Oh, these are wonderful! Makes me want a little girlie to crochet for.


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