Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Butterfly Apron

Well, it is raining and cold and yucky and I wasn't tired, so I decided to sew an apron tonight while the family is asleep. I've had this fabric for a long time. It is a heavy cotton almost a lightweight canvas in feel. Very stiff. It has butterflies all over it. Didn't use a pattern, but it is for a larger waisted person. The pockets are sewn into/under the waistband and they open from the side rather than from the front. I used vintage white cotton rickrack around the edges which made for a really nice turned finish because it is a large rick rack. Well it is after one in the morning, so I think I'll put clothes in the dryer, check on mom and the girls and go to bed. I hope you are all staying warm and getting lots of hugs!
Thanks for blogging with me tonight, or rather, this morning. Oh, Happy Valentine's Day!


vintagechica said...

this apron is so beautiful! love it!!!

auntgeorge said...

Thank you! It is a heavy weight fabric that should hold up to years of love! This one went to MustangSuzie! I think she needed an apron!

Final thoughts...

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