Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Apron Maker's Apron

Well, I am finally making an apron for myself. It will take a while to do all of the machine embroidery that I want to do. I have just a small portion done. This is a recycled dress made into an apron for moi'. I didn't get it finished for my birthday, but it will give you an idea of my current AIP (apron in progress) I am doing a series of fall color mini leaf borders around all of the bias tape so that they will hopefully look intertwined.

Well, today was a really rough day. It was my birthday, but sure didn't seem like it. I baked shorbread for my hubby, cleaned the kitchen--3 times. My older daughter fell down the stairs and landed on her back, scared the beegeebers out of me. My mother's pain was out of control all day and this evening, I took her to the ER. Had two extra girls over night last night...Just a rough day. I did get a little sewing time in, but not much. Oh, two bright spots: MY OVEN repairman showed up!!! YEAH!! And my sister sent me the loveliest flowers for my b'day...I just cried and cried/ Here are some more snaps:

Thanks for blogging with me. I'm finally tired and it is 1:24 in the morning.


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Nancy Jo said...

Well my goodness, that was not a fun day!! Better pretend your Birthday is on a different day. Your flowers are so pretty, just love getting flowers.
The new Apron is going good, love the colors. Will you be making any aprons for the store you have been taking things to?
Give your Mom a hug for me.

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