Monday, February 26, 2007

New vintage fabric finds

These fabrics are waiting for their turn to be made into farmgirl skirts or aprons. I LOVE these newest finds. The muslin rose one is soft and gorgeous. It will be a skirt with a muslin petticote underneath. The vibrant colored morning glory will be an apron. The greens will be aprons and the Bill Blass cowgirl will be an apron also. The Bill Blass cowgirl with boots, hats and roses is actually a 2x shirt that will be repurposed! I'm drawing up a design to flow with the existing fabric shape and yardage. I think it will be fabulous!! I have a good idea of what I can do with it in my mind. Enjoy! Please let me know what you think. All of these are thrifted fabric finds!! LOVE The Thrifty Quaker!! (be sure to click on the images to see a close up! Especially the cowgirl fabric. The coloring is wonderful!)

Some cute apron fabrics...most are true vintage! Some are reproductions, but all are soft and wonderful...can hardly wait.


Annie said...

I love love love the big vintage brown with yellow flowers. Swoon!! I have some fabric of similar vintage. Is that one sort of a polished cotton with some metallic detailing? Oh, I bow down to thee, O Queen of the Thrift!

auntgeorge said...

Isn't that a lovely one? It is only 36" wide so I know it is at least from the 70's. I think they stopped bolting 36" in the 70's and went to a uniform 45 or 54 or 60.

It is a polished cotton. The polishing stayed with the washing too. I washed it on a handwash cycle with very gentle detergent and then hung it dry to avoid losing the sheen. I have yet to press it though, but it is beautiful fabric!! Just don't find fabrics like that anymore. I got 3 yards for .75!! Do you believe it? I just look at it and try to let it "tell" me what pattern to use. LOL

So glad that you like that one. I think I want to cut it on the diagonal and make a nice bibbed apron.

Beach Girl said...

I miss the Thrifty Quaker so! There is NO other thrift store quite like it.

I had to go to the NC DMV yesterday; it was quite different than the ones we're used to where you are. Read the story on my blog, I think you'll chuckle.


sunshine said...

I love the pink roses in the top photo reminds me of the wall paper in my bathroom from when I was a little girl. Those greens are just lovely I have a thing for green in fabric don't know why I just love it. I also just love the bottom left blue brown one. All four of those are just gorgeous.
take care

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