Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fabric Finds at the Thrifty Quaker today

Here are some beautiful fabrics that I found at my favorite thrift store! The peach colored one is true vintage. My guess by the print is 30's or 40's. It is less than 36" wide. It has a crisp cotton feel to it.....do I hear APRON??!!

The purple is going to be trim, waistband and ruffle on an apron that I have planned. Will be using lots of vintage rick rack and lace on it too!! I'm going to sew it up tonight. I have the need to sew something quick and pretty....lots of stress right now.

The blue paisly is 3 1/2 yards of yummy Cranston cotton. The other blue floral is Cranston and it is the softest, floatiest fabric. I thought it was Rayon, but it is a soft cotton. The blue floral is a crisp probably 60's fabric....another APRON!!

This next photo is a king size white and lavender floral pillowcase. This is going to be the base of the apron with the purple calico. I think it will be yummy!! Very pretty and springlike!!

Love thrifting!!

Update: Here is the finished apron. Used a kings size pillow and thrifted calico. It looks like blackberry jam and violets!


Nancy Jo said...

Hi Aunt George,
You are on a sewinf frenzy for sure. That wedding dress and cape, I just have no words.
Yes another lovely apron, and violets, so pretty. Your something thats for sure.
The painting with the gold frame that I got yesterday was 27.00 dollars, I never spend that at a thrift store, but I just love this painting, and its not a print, it had just come in the door, didn't even make it out for display.The girl that brought it in siad it was her Grandmas. Sad huh? I wouldn't be giving my Grandma's painting away to a thrift store. The other picture which I also really like was 2.98. The little dolls were .98 cents. I went today and got a few things, I must stay home tomorrow and try and behave myself. Big hug for your Mom from me.
Hugs to you NANCY JO

auntgeorge said...

Wow Nancy Jo,
Thanks for telling me. I love your painting and the other picture! I know they must look great in your home. That poor girl...she will think about that one day and want it back.
Sewing 1/2 frenzy. Don't really get to sew as much as I'd like to. It is therapeutic for me. Thanks for remembering my mom. Each day she is a little weaker. It is so hard seeing her like this. She was always the strong one! Later!

Final thoughts...

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