Saturday, March 17, 2007

Finally on the mend and a new huge tote bag

This bag is a huge tote made from a felted sweater vest and a pair of jeans. They were both thrifted from TTQ. The inside is lined with a celestial print in blue and gold. This was fun but very tough to sew on my machines....very heavy denim. Finally had to get my daughter's heavy duty quilter machine out to get through that denim. I really love this tote, but it is already spoken for and will be going to its new home tomorrow. My family thought I was making a skirt out of a pair of jeans. LOL...I know it looks a bit like a skirt, but I just love the unique jeans that I found to go with this one. They are Paris Blues that lace up the front and had the two nice pockets on the back. It is a little bit lopsided, but I just let the fabric do what it wanted. It is just a utility tote, so perfection is not necessary, and besides I wanted it to have a bit of a rough, ragged and gypsy feel to it.

Later, and thanks for blogging with me today.


Beach Girl said...

Glad you are on the mend; you're still going to be in my prayers because it takes a while to be back to 100%.


kim said...

I hope you all are feeling better and I hope your mom is doing ok as well!
I will mail check to you tomorrow, *sigh* now that I have more check, I keep forgetting. UGH! I'm sorry!!!

kim said...
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Final thoughts...

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