Thursday, March 08, 2007

Swine in Space

Found the cutest screen saver....not going to order it, just looked at it on a german is called: Swine in Space. It costs 9.9 euros and I don't really keep euros in my pocketbook! But if you have a moment to click on the link, I promise it is really cute! I don't know if the link will work. I hope it does. Anyway, browse through this guys site, it is really cute...I'm assuming he is an illustrator.

Been a really rough two days. My youngest daughter and I were up all night last night. She was vomiting and really sick. She has been much better tonight. Slept all day though, so now she is being a little reading night owl.

Well too tired to write much more at the moment,
So until tomorrow at noon when the drawing will be held for that violet and purple floral apron that I made during my all nighter.

Kim...I have started alterations to the paper pattern!

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