Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kim's fabric and trim....just the start! Be sure to click on the photos for a close up!!

This is the fabric for the main part of the dress.

I hope this shows up. This is one of the fabrics for Kim's handfasting dress and the trim...well that is if she likes it! I love the little bit of sparkle in the trim. I think it will catch the sunlight beautifully without being overly dramatic. The cape will be a reproduction 15th century cape of white chiffon with pink roses scattered about the whole cape. I will be handbeading crystals to the dress and cape to catch bits of sunlight too. Not an overly large amount of them, just scattered in key areas to catch the sunlight and hopefully look like fairies flitting about her as she stands in the warm sun with her beloved!

The pattern will be modified with short sleeves or possibly sleeveless. It has a very, very full skirt that drapes so well over the hips. The front and back lace up to make it fully adjustable. This is not the cape that I will be using for the dress.

The cape is this lovely white chiffon with pink roses all over it. It is so light weight that it will capture even the slightest breeze and will billow out behind her when she walks. It will be hand beaded here and there with clear cut crystal beads that will capture the sunlight.

Oh, I saw the kickiest pair of white brazilian leather short cowgirl boots at The Thrifty Quaker Saturday. They would be so, so cute with this ensemble, but didn't know what size Kim's feet were, but the more I thought of it, thought that simple white ballet shoes would be best with this.

Oh, I will be handbeading a tiara for Kim too. It will be done with wire twisting, Swarovski crystals, moonstone and pink quartz. Similar to this one, but with more bling! LOL

Hope you like these plans Kim! Everything is subject to your approval of course!

Thanks for blogging with me and I hope you like the peek at Kim's June wedding!! Hope you don't mind Kim!!!



Katie said...

Isn't this wonderful?!!! Thanks for sharing your plans for a most beautiful wedding ensemble. I look forward to seeing 'progress' photos every so often.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I am s-l-o-w-l-y stepping into the blogging world, fraught with my insecurities. So your kind words are treasures to me.


Tasha-Rose said...

HA! I have a cloak like that that I made this Summer as well as a gown I just recently finished JUST LIKE THAT, it was going to be for a wedding, but the woman backed out so I got to make a dress for me for Renn Fest this Summer....

They are beautiful choices for a handfasting!

I wore RED for my handfasting!

Final thoughts...

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