Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another work apron.

Found a pair of Tripp NYC mondo/punk rocker pants with a broken zipper at the thrift shop for 50 cents. My daughter gets the legs that have great zippers on them. We are going to make a skirt for her. I got the top part and made a short utility apron out of it. Kind of like: Joan Jett crossed with Lily Munster look! LOL... I really love this apron, and keep in mind that the red fabric insert is loaded with sparkly glitter. Don't know if it will show up in the photos. I left lots of raw edges as part of the design element. Want it to look kind of punk like. Hopefully it will stimulate the wheels of some young people who come into the store. I have been in there shopping when punkers have come in looking for fabric and they look so lost!

Well, gotta get the kiddos up and start the day here!



Mary Isabella said...

I just looove the new one It is soooo neat.

Bonne said...

hahahaha hahahaha!!
What a kick!!
Can't wait to hear some of the comments you are going to get~gals will come in the store just to see what Georgann has on today! LOL
HUGS, Bonne

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Another great apron, love to recycle clothes!

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