Sunday, August 05, 2007

Good Sunday Morning!

Well, the trip to Illinois was a good one. We saw family...lots of family and had a party! We laid Mom to rest next to Dad and that was beautiful, but very, very difficult for me. I still think of her there and miss having her ashes here with me. They did give me a measure of comfort. But she is resting on a lovely hill with a lovely breeze and a lovely view. I remember her jokingly blessing us out for "planting" her and Dad next to a beanfield! LOL, but it is the highest point in that area. Big sigh....I miss her so.

You can see the beanfield in the background here. It was a lovely ceremony. The family and only two of her closest friends. We each dropped rose petals in her gravesite and then my sister and I went back and helped bury her. The pastor was a family friend and said a most lovely eulogy...simple, loving and personal. Many tears, but many joys too. I know Mom was there, because as soon as all of us settled in for the eulogy, a wonderful cool breeze commenced and when the last tear was dried, the breeze left. Everyone remarked how comfortable it was, how lovely the breeze was and we all knew that Mom was finally at rest. I feel like I did everything I could to give her comfort and carry out her last wishes to the best of my ability.

Love and miss you Mom and Dad............see you again some day.

Final thoughts...

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