Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bonne your apron is near finished

Bonne and I worked out a barter. I love bartering. I would rather barter than sell something in this day and age. To me, that is a value added product. I don't really have alot of skills or products that I can barter, but I can sew...not the best seamstress, but I do have lots of fun doing it. Well, back to the barter with Bonne. I love homecrafted soaps and had to drop out of the big soap exchange, due to personal problems that are resolving, but we are still working on those challenges...I think with all marriages and partnerships there are always times of challenges.

Anyway, Bonne gave me carte blanche to surprise her with an apron. Well........I hope she likes it. It is Bridgett Bardot meets June Cleaver in the new age of Aquarius. It is a mix of 50's vintage trim, 70's retro pattern, new fabric and holiday fun. LOL....can't show it quite yet, I'm putting finishing touches to the pockets and I'm waiting to hear from Bonne to see if she wants to see it first before getting it in the mail! LOL.....Sometimes I wonder why my muse sings the way she does! LOL

Update: It is done and Bonne wants to be surprised, so I can't post photos of the apron until it is on Bonne. I guarantee to you Bonne, you won't see another one like it! LOL


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Bonne said...

Whooo hooo!!!
Can't wait!!!
hugs, Bonne

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