Thursday, August 09, 2007

Yesterday's Thrift Store Bargains

This is a snapshot of my finds yesterday. Each item only cost 50 cents. The pewter coffee pot has a dent, but I love it anyway. The cheese plate and dome is a very retro 70's thing...haven't seen one in years. The leather belt was my daughter's has a huge round beaded buckle. She can wrap it twice around and she loves it.
The tea cups are a set of all eight for 50 cents. Don't ya just luv the pumpkin colored interior of the cups...had coffee this morning out of one of them. Each one of the cups was originally marked $16.00! The creamer and sugar are a brown pottery...missing the sugar lid, but I don't care!

Below are a few close ups. Oh, the background is a moire' skirt part of a dress with a dark velvet top to it. That was 50 cents too. I bought it for the rich colored fabrics.



Nancy Jo said...

Great finds Aunt George!. What is the make on the tea cups? 16 dollars down to .50 cents, I would say that is a good sale price.
Love that dress!! What are you going to do or make from that?
My friend I thrift with is away this week, so I'm trying, and I say trying to stay away from the thrift until she gets back. Not easy.

auntgeorge said...

The tea cups are Taylorton China. The pattern is Happy Talk. Each cup was marked $16. I got all eight for 50 cents that is a savings of: $127.50! LOL.....I think the china shop owners who donated the cups to the Thrifty Quaker over priced them to begin with, but I think they are beautiful!! Hope your friend gets back soon. I love looking at your goodies!! Oh, the dress, haven't decided yet. I bought a second one for 50 cents, it was a sparkling black over red slant hemmed dress. Gave that one to a friend of mine yesterday. Thanks for looking Nancy Jo!!

Tori's Mimi said...

Aunt George,
Love the cups. That is a wonderful autumn color. My favorite season. What great finds. Hoping to do some thrifting myself this week.
Enjoying your blog!

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