Thursday, January 24, 2008

Opened up my blog again.

Just increased commenting to moderated. I was looking back through my blog and there are so many things that I sewed last't believe I did all of that. Must have been manic!! LOL
Welcome back. I have tightened security though. It can get kind of spooky out in cyberland!


Bonne said...

well, duhhh.... , you're the one who inspired ME to start sewing aprons, after seeing all the unique cuties you made. Hope you can get back into the sewing groove again this year. We miss seeing your fabulous creations. hugs, B

smoothiejuice said...

hey there george what are you sewin up now? i miss you..glad to see you bloggin away!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

your blog inspired me too !!! I lvoe to see all the beauitul things you create !

Final thoughts...

Thank you for visiting today. Feel free to sit for a spell and wander through my archives of sewing projects, aprons, original poems and stories, musings and vintage treasures. I really love guests in my home....and if you wish, leave me a comment so I will know you were here! AG