Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Saga of Railey Hill

This old home is called Railey Hill. They have removed hundreds of trees that surrounded this old home. I have been in this house...went in when there was an estate sale a couple of years ago. it is fabulous...all wood interior, 6 foot high open fireplaces. I saw the window where the Union Lt. etched his name in the glass. It is the borded up window to the left in the photo of the old house. They have razed all of the outbuildings, filled in the old well and turned this into a flatland of waste. There is a strip center going in just to the left of the house. There is already a Walgreens and BP gas station to the right of the home and a strip shopping center there too. So sad....progress? I think not. I hear the site weeping everyday when I pass it. I'm thinking it is going to be a park, at least I hope so. They did put new vinyl siding on the home which looks just like the original clapboard siding. There were rumors that the home was going to be moved to a park, but the map of the new park takes up this area. I hope it is at least turned into a park. We DON'T need another strip mall here. Ok, rant for the day is over!

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smoothiejuice said...

georgie where are ya girl? how are ya? ya hangin in there? i hope you are having a fab wknd even though it is freezin outside!

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