Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today's photo, another cute critter

I took this photo the other day and thought it really sweet. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not in love with squirrels. We have a million of them out back AND they can be very destructive. One of these little critters gnawed its way through our roof and vents and camped out in the attic a few years ago...that has been repaired, but their cute appearance melts my heart. I loved squirrels when I was a little girl. Watched them pick up nuts and bury them. I continue to be fascinated with their leaf nests in the trees. I'd love to see inside one of them. I watched one the other day try to chew a small branch and carry it up the tree. She kept dropping it and picking it up again. I knew it was a she by her very used and tender looking teats! Anyhoo...here it is:

Be sure to enlarge this photo by clicking on it.

Oh, and in other news. I have been out of town. Went to visit my hubby's mother. The visit went well, but we ended up driving back in a snow storm. Very scary, but we made it okay. The temperature has been in the 20's since the storm so we still have a thin crust of snow on the ground. We just aren't used to this "prolonged" period of cold here in Virginia....but I love it!! It invigorates me.

Hubby has been working from home alot too, which means...no rest or alone time for me to get on the computer...argh!! BUT, it is nice to have him home. I have been cooking large noon meals for the past few days, because the girls have been home too. I have made banana bread, zucchini/banana bread. Italian bread, Rosemary italian bread. Manicotti, salads, Chicken and roasted vegetable stoup just to name a few of the yummies. The girls go back to school today, so it is lunch making in about an hour...think I'll go and do it now and have it done with. It will be banana bread sandwiches with cream cheese for a change...usually a meat/cheese or peanut butter sandwich. They will have a nice surprise in their lunches today.

Sheesh, I'm just blabbering away today....crikee George, shut up!!!!


smoothiejuice said...

all your foods sound so warm and inviting! yum..can i come for lunch!

Bonne said...

Glad to see you safely back. Serves you right to get some cold weather for a change~I didn't want to hog ALL of it!! LOL B

Bonne said...

The oak branches~those would make kick-a$$ wands!!!!! B

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

Do you see alot of hawks with all the squirrels ? The hawks hunt them here in town . I did remove over 20 of the squirrels last summer to country . I do love to watch them though. They would sit on the fence and look in the kitchen window and watch me.

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