Sunday, January 06, 2008

Rock Band Dreams

My DH purchased a new game for his XBox 360. It is called Rock Band. Now I am not a video gamer, but, this has to be the best game ever!! It came with a guitar controller, a drum controller and a microphone and you get to live the fantasy of being in a rock band. We have been rockin' out all last night and today, and it is sooo cool to see them all, and to sing along with them!!

I'll sneak a photo of them as soon as I can. The second guitar comes in February, so we will have a four person band then! LOL I have no rhythm, so drums are out, my fingers don't work that well, so guitar is out, but I can ham it up on the I'm a singer...LOL...imagine that, I can't even carry a tune in a bucket! But I have always wanted to be a singer! Cool....HUH??? If you have been thinking of getting this video game...don't hesitate, it is slammin' great family fun!! The name of our group is: We Need More Cowbells!

Have a great night everyone!
Feeling very blessed tonight!!


Final thoughts...

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