Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And the winner is:


So Dear Mid-Western Farmgirl, if you could email your address to me in private, I'll get your Wacky Wednesday Surprise box out in the mail to you, ASAP!!!

This is going to be fun today at The Thrifty Quaker!!! Thrift Shopping with a purpose!! I love it.

Oh, here is a pretty picture for ya'll to look at today: This is a small hickory tree outside my back window last fall...I just love the colors!


Katie said...

What?? Meeeee?? Will email you. Oh, I am verklempt!

auntgeorge said...

Yes Katie it is lil' ole' you!!! Email me! I have some really cute little things for you...hope you like them.

Katie said...

Hi Georgann -- Just want to thank you in as many places as possible (!!) - - received the box on Monday or Tuesday. The mailperson jammed it in the mailbox (I have a fairly large one by the street) and then had to help me get it out, wiggling it to and fro and bending the corners of the box as we went. It was quite comical and a bit frustrating on my part -- not certain why she would apply such pressure to jam it in!

Anyway, everything arrived safely -- great fun to see each item -- and you did so well -- good, useful, and pretty items.

Thanks so much for your generous spirit.


Final thoughts...

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