Friday, August 08, 2008

Vintage Apron Patterns

I found these patterns at my favorite thrift shop the other day. Someone donated a huge amount of patterns in those manila envelopes...much more anally retentive than I...well when I opened that envelope last night, I found a surprise! There was a fourth vintage apron pattern inside! Woo Hoo!!

I have one of them on my cutting board right now and I am using a gorgeous vintage chocolate brown fabric for it. I'll post photos of it when it is done. Well have a wonderful day, I'll be sewing and loving on my girls and hubbie.


Bonne said...

LOL! I've got the apron pattern in the upper right. In fact I think I had it twice~once when it originally came out (long gone) and then found another one in a thrift find a couple yrs ago. ;)

auntgeorge said...

I actually have two or three of those myself, but I just keep finding them. I do love that pattern and plan to make it in a fall fabric very soon.

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Final thoughts...

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