Saturday, August 09, 2008

Oh, I am so so so tired tonight.

Didn't really do much strenuous work today, but I'm so tired I can't keep my mind from shutting down tonight. I am half way through recreating a vintage apron with a vintage table cloth and thrifted fabric. It is done in lavenders, greens and white bias tape. I'll post a photo later, but it is really in early stages right now.

I'm so out of practice with aprons. I got it a wee bit crooked! YIKES...but it is still really pretty and really, who has totally straight hips? NOT me. Now I just need to find someone with a slightly shorter right leg! LOL

Love and blessings tonight..........................oh, and thanks to everyone for commenting on the entry below............I'm going to have so much fun shopping for someone! Glad to see ya here Lisa!!

Love you all,


Shadows of the goddess designs said...

bet your apron turns out really pretty !!!!!!!!! I have so missed seeing all the wonderful things you create

Bonne said...

Georgann, about your clogs: I just recently got this sudden wave of "clog-itis". I used to wear them all the time when I lived in MN (70's) and decided I wanted a pair for my BDay. Well, I got 2 pr on Ebay from a MN seller. I just received the first pr in the mail and I'm thrilled thrilled thrilled!! Oh, and I like 'em too. LOL
They sure have gone up in price though. I wanted the original ones made in Bastad Sweden, like I used to wear and they run around $100 now. The Ebay seller has them for half that or less (overstock) so I splurged on myself. Yeah, you either love'em or hate 'em. I'm a lover not a hater. ;) Bonne

auntgeorge said...

Oh, yes, I love mine too. I had my first pair when I was in highschool. My Danish boyfriend went home to visit his father in Copenhagen and brought back a pair of denim blue clogs for me...I loved them and wore them all of the time and then my sister stole them from me when she went to the Army. I was furious because she denied it until just a couple of years ago. I can look back now and laugh, about it, but that started my love of clogs. And those little orange lovelies have rekindled my love affair with clogs. I got this pair at The Thrifty Quaker in almost new condition for $1.25. Someone just didn't know what they had...they retail for over $100 new!!! Needless to say, I was totally thrilled and they cured alot of my leg and back problems. When I don't wear them...I'm in terrible pain, so they are my lifesavers!

Final thoughts...

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