Thursday, August 07, 2008

Gene Doll......she is gorgeous!!

I have been wanting a Gene doll for many, many years, but have never been able to really afford one. To me she is the epitome of fashion dolls. She would fit right in that Sear's Catalog from 1939. She was stylized by Mel Odom to be from the late 30's to early 40's. Well on my quick in and out at The Goodwill today.....guess what I found? A gorgeous, mint condition still in all of the original packaging 2001 Love in Bloom Gene was $35 and I balked at it and walked around and then finally decided that since this really wasn't a snap decision for me.....I would treat myself to this doll. I don't really collect dolls, but I LOVE the Gene doll. Here is a look at her in the box:
Here is a site off of the internet that shows her out of the box with her train attached....gosh I think she is so, so beautiful!!

This is what the site has to say about this doll:


Love In Bloom Gene

Includes doll and fashion. At her best friend's wedding reception, Gene might not have caught the bouquet-but she caught the eye of all the available men! And who can blame them, as Gene enters in this pink silk sheath, emblazoned with embroidered flowers gracing its train. She needs nothing more than her long white gloves and pretty shoes to complete the picture. Limited to 5000 worldwide. Dealer Exculsive.

Our Price $125.00

Gene 2001 Doll
Available and in stock"


Bonne said...

I've never heard of a Gene doll! Where have I been living??!! hahahaha!! She's gorgeous!

auntgeorge said...

I love the Gene Marshall dolls. The older ones. There are conventions and costume contests and everything. I think she is so beautiful that I'll change my avatar to Gene Marshall...that way people will think I am a movie star too! LOL

Katie said...

Wow -- she's so beautiful! How glamorous. And what a great treat for yourself. Congrats!

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