Friday, August 08, 2008

Vintage Treasure Box Give away....

Next Wednesday is Wacky Wednesday at my favorite thrift shop. Lots and lots of items are only 50 cents. I am going to take $5.00 and fill a box with thrift shop treasures and send it to one lucky farmgirl! All you have to do is sign up here on this posting and I'll draw a name out next Wednesday!! I don't know what will be in the box, but I promise you, you will LOVE it!! So if you want a chance at this box of Wacky Wednesday Goodies.......just sign up by leaving a comment below!

Here is a photo of my favorite thrift shop and a link to its website:
The Thrifty Quaker, Midlothian, VA

Love and blessings and my way of saying thanks for visiting my blog again.



wibe said...

I am so glad you are here again and healing. To get to read you again is a delight.
Yep, put me in that drawing for Wacky Wednesday!!!!
Write away girlfriend,
we are reading and enjoying.

Bella Modiste said...

Good to have you back Aunt George!

Alee said...

Hmmmm! I tried to leave a comment before but it didn't like me! LOL

Glad to have you back Aunt George! I love reading your posts and blog entries.

If you wouldn't mind adding my name-I would love to be in the drawing for Wacky Wednesday!

Lots of love,

electricdunce said...

Please sign me up, thanks. I love your old Dansko clogs, there is nothing better than a nice old broken in pair of clogs...


Shadows of the goddess designs said...

I would love to be signed up for the contest . Thanks !

Denise said...
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Denise said...

Oh so good to have you blogging again! Yours is such a delight.
I just love thrifting and I see you do to. Go ahead and add my name to the drawing. Thanks!!

Debra said...

Aunt George please sign me up.. how fun!

Katie said...

Well, aren't you just so sweet? Wonder what is at that store. . . I love going to thrifts when out of town -- sometimes finding quite different fare from my local haunts.

So, yes indeed, add me to this drawing. 'Twould be so fun to win!

Princess Of Pink said...

I just wanna say: LOVE YOUR STUFF!!
All the material you use is SO pretty.

Love and hugs from Marian/Dutchy ;)

日月神教-向左使 said...


Final thoughts...

Thank you for visiting today. Feel free to sit for a spell and wander through my archives of sewing projects, aprons, original poems and stories, musings and vintage treasures. I really love guests in my home....and if you wish, leave me a comment so I will know you were here! AG