Thursday, June 22, 2006

Abundant Blessings

This is the very beginning of Abundant Blessings. The floral apron is a first cut prototype of a large farmgirl apron. It fits a 46 to 50 bust with good coverage. It is shaped to the waist. It still needs the 8 yards of bias tape applied to the edges, but I think this one will work. I've cut a couple in an attempt to expand the smaller MaryJane apron you see cut out in muslin on my smaller sewing figure, Andrea.

I am beginning to think that I could shape one that would be more figure flattering to the abundantly blessed, so I am going to be working on developing one for that purpose. This is still in the workroom stage, but it is getting there. Just wanted to show ya'll what I was working on tonight. Below is the backside view of the apronsl

It was hot, hot, hot today here in Virginia. I think it got to 97 degrees with about a 100% non-raining humidity. I have a feeling it is going to be another really bad hurricane year. Watch out when the hurricane names start getting into the G-K names...those are the whoppers usually!!

Well, I hope you all are well and staying cool where ever you are. Anyone I have promised packages too...they will be on their way tomorrow...Friday. Been a long week of orientation for the new job!

Love and hugs to all of you reading this blogg!



nancyjo said...

Hope you are feeling better, sure hate a cold. But you seem to plow ahead anyway,[good farmgirl word there}. Can't wait to see the end results on your newest aprons.I do have have one suggestion, PUT SOME CLOTHES ON YOUR NEWEST MODEL!! POOR THING MUST BE MORTIFIED.

Kay said...

Love the floral one!! You did a great job. I like the way it closes at the neck and is open down the rest of the back. That way it will be comfortable to wear and not binding around the waist.


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