Monday, June 12, 2006

Foghorn Hannah and my pup, Cujo.

This is one of the fabulous illustrations from my unpublished but fully illustrated picture book. Hope you enjoy this. The colors are fabulous!!

This is the best I can do. I had to take a photo of my computer screen because it is in a professional pdf file format and that can't be uploaded.

The copyright belongs to my illustrator, Karen Stormer-Brooks.

(c) Karen Stormer-Brooks

Here is my little shaggy faithful companion. Where ever I am, he is always by my side. His name is Cujo and he is a 1 1/2 year old Shih Tzu. He realllly needs a grooming. Don't worry, I keep the hair out of his eyes, but for some reason, I caught him with his hair down! LOL

Don't ya just love that little smirk and the way he has his paws crossed? He is a little character and LOVES his cookies!!! He is soft as down and loves to get little doggie massages by my massage therapist son!! What a spoiled little brat dog! No he really has a loving spirit and a big dog bark.


nancyjo said...

Wish we could have at that children's book you wrote, would love to read it, and see all the pictures that go with it.
Your puppy is so cute, just want to pick her up and talk puppy talk, you well know what that is.The people from outer space would think we were nuts.

Blueridgegirl said...

Oh dear, George, he does sort of have an Elvis thing going on with his lip, doesn't he? Mine lab walks like John Wayne because both hips were dislocated in an accident... maybe dogs can affect human characteristics?

I love the illustration. Lots of bright colors... My girls' rooms are decorated brightly. My cousin did her son's room in brown; she said she didn't want the bright colors to scare him. I'm not sure he's scared by them, but he sure isn't stimulated!

auntgeorge said...

LOL....If we get another Shih Tzu, I might just have to call him Elvis! He is a cutey, just love him. Your poor lab! Does he have any pain with his walk?

Brown? hmmm.....I might have to try that to calm my older daughter down. She chose pumpkin color for her room!! Very stimulating!!!!

I do have the whole book in pen and ink before the color and text was added. It was fab!! I wish the company hadn't closed, but it is a rough and tumble wild west type of business...believe it or not!

Thanks for blogging with me!!

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