Monday, June 12, 2006

Babydoll apron

This is a refigured child size cotton babydoll style top. It is 100% cotton and I was going to pitch it, then I decided, hmmm....why not.....make it into an apron, just as an experiment. It turned out pretty cute. I used lots of vintage rick rack in orange and red. The ribbon just below the waist was already part of the little babydoll top. My girls loved the top when it fit them, now I hope they like the apron. Oh, the pocket is the front placket from the top. I couldn't bear to not use the snaps, so I formed a pocket out of it. I also added a gussett to the pocket so that it could be unsnapped so more could be fit into the pocket. The pictureon the left shows the pocket unsnapped and expanded. The picture on the right is with the pocket snapped and empty. What do ya think? The color is a little off, it is a creamy background with some rust and red in it. It is a child size apron, Just put it on Andrea to take a picture of it. Well hope ya'll are having a great sewing day! Thanks for reading along with me.

Love to you my friends and family,

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