Friday, June 09, 2006

Sometimes I forget to breath...

...I really do forget to breath sometimes. I know, I know, it is an autonomic response, but there are times when my life feels like this winding road. I can't see what is around the corner, and I'm rushing to see what is there, always thinking that I have to get everything done, but getting my wheels stuck in that little muddy rut and spinning, and spinning and getting nothing much accomplished. Losing my breath. There are times I really feel my own mortality. I feel like I'm careening toward the future everyone shares and it is so close that I have to do as much, feel as much, taste as much as I possibly can before that winding road comes to an end. I don't want to miss out on anything. In high school, we had to pick a senior quote that summed up our philosophy of life, not being much of a reader at that time in my life, I searched for something and found a sentence that I thought would make me look smart and forward thinking. Little did I know how that one short sentence would set my life course toward always wondering what was just beyond that next bend. That sentence was this: "My eyes are set toward the future, because that is where the rest of my life is." Hmmmm....I am breathless even now, 30 years after that sentence was pegged under my young, smooth face, full of hope, full of vitality, full of visions of how I would change the world. Am I still full of hope? Yes, always hope should never be taken away from anyone. Am I still full of vitality? Sometimes, especially when I've found something to be passionate about. Have I changed the world? Not on a grand scale, but I have changed my own little world, I know that in the quiet of the night, to many I changed their world too...I've heard many last words, I've been that last human touch, I've been the bridge between loneliness and comfort...that's what nurses do, and this privlege has often left me breathless. My children often leave me breathless with the love they show to me. I try to be their touchstone between family and community, between ancestors and their own futures. I encourage them to look past that bend in the road, to wonder what is there, how humble I feel in their tiny arms. To my husband..well, I love him with all of my heart, and soul. He says I saved his life, but he actually saved my life. Just looking at him takes my breath away! My mother...what can I say, except that she is the person who has always loved me unconditionally, completely and without any strings attached. Loving my mother makes me breathless! She gave me the strength to walk that winding road, and the wings to fly above it when I couldn't walk it. Thank you yes, I do forget to breath when I think of this gift, this life, this winding road. So, George.....breath, don't forget to breath.

What in this life leaves you breathless? Do you take the time to think about it? When you do...don't forget to breath!!

Love and hope, laughter and blessings to my family and friends,
Georgann Here are some great tips on how to relax. If you still can't relax, then there is always one thing that works for me: sew!

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