Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Today's Apron...I got one done! A repurposed tablecloth!

What started as this. Check the close up, stained, holes edging ripped.

Ended up as this

I cheated a little bit, but I couldn't resist! I found this vintage card table cloth in a $1.00 bin. It has holes and staines, but it has hand crocheted rick rack lace as an edging. It also has embroidery on the outer front corners. The fabric is a really nice linen. I tried to work around the stains. Made a pocket out of some of the edging. Made my own bias tape to match the waist band and ties, and made an extra long tie to wrap around or let dangle down the back, Oh, I had to put the pocket where I did to cover a bad stain. So this is another repurposing apron. I kind of think perhaps our grandmothers would have remade an item rather than throw it away. Andrea is wearing a dark skirt that I made for the 3rd grade play.

Well, I think I might sew up a couple of tea cozies that I cut out last night. Have a great night everyone!

Thank you for blogging with me tonight.

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nancyjo said...

Once again you amaze me, I might be able to come up with the ideas, to to sew those ideas together, but not the sewing. That is just too cute. And your tea cozy too!!
I'am afraid when you go back to work we will miss your everyday imput here, but being a nurse is such an important job, and I can see you doing it better then most. Wouldn't it be great if all the nurses on your floor wore farmgirl aprons? So tell us about your job, your hours, how you manage the kids and house, and LAUNDRY, and of course sewing.I show everyone who comes over to the house my picture of the Nancy Jo apron, I'am so excited about it.

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