Thursday, June 08, 2006

I need to join AA

Apronaholics Anonymous!

Here are some fabulous apron making supplies I gathered today! Hancock had their Simplicity patterns on sale for $1.99 each so I picked up these. Can you see the blue vintage reproduction fabric? I am going to make the apron on the lower right in the shorter version for my mother. I'll make bias tape for the edges out of simple unbleached muslin. She likes things loose. I love this pattern. I think it is 5201. This is the Bobbie June apron. I am going to change it to add big egg pockets to hold the eggs while gathering in the henhouse. Also a small glass can be stored in the other pocket to put over the chicken's head so she won't peck little hands that are helping mama!


I found this vintage polished cotton in a beautiful pink background floral trellis. It will take the shape of the apron top middle. I wanted something lovely and simple to showcase this soft feminine fabric. I will call this apron: The Lela Vee (My grandma spelled it Lela V though, didn't want it called the Lela 5!)

I want the Lela Vee to look lovely whether entertaining the parson and his wife or just stirring up a pot of pinto beans and a pan of cornbread. Because that was the essence of Lela V. Child on her hip, a pot of beans on the back burner after a long day of working in the fields and lovely to look at till the day she passed through the Pearly Gates!

Then look what I found!

I am a sucker for hand emboidered linens. These have hand crocheted edgings also. They need some oxypower cleaning, but they are without holes and the stitching is good and strong. I am amazed by the precision this farmgirl had when attaching her crocheted trim. It is crocheted directly into the pillowcase edges. These beauties were 40% off of $5.00 for the set of two! I got them for $3. I might just have to break the piggyband and go back for the other 4 sets of these! I don't embroider so this is the only way I'll be able to have any of these beauties gracing our beds!!

As I wander through my favorite store, I am constantly reminded of the industry of farmgirls. They might have 3 or 4 children at home, but still find time to make the world around them and their children and their husbands just a bit kinder, just a bit sweeter and more like home! Perhaps that is why I love textiles and aprons and linens. When I hold these touchstones I feel a link to all women. I hope through my meager sewing attempts, others will have moments of enjoyment and perhaps wonder about the farmgirl who made it!

Love and hugs and blessings to all who read my words,

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Tashaaaaaaaah said...

I am a sucker for aprons and apron patterns too!!

I really like the one int he first picture...looks like it may be a pinnafore type of apron? the one in the lower right hand corner....what's the pattern number? I want to get it....

~Tasha (GaiasRose)

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