Saturday, June 17, 2006

One of my Sanctuaries

Dani and I visited a very unique garden center today. It is one of my places to go just to feel closer to nature. They have a pen of new baby chicks with a big hen walking free around the place. Here is a photo of Dani standing at the entrance to the garden center. It is called Sanctuaries Unique Garden Center in Midlothian, VA. It is run by three farmgirls who are just as nice as can be. They loved Dani's dress that she is wearing and asked where they could buy one, so I offered to make dresses for both of the ladies there today. They were ecstatic. She said, "Do you realize you could sell these like hotcakes!" She wants me to do a dress up for her to hang in her garden center and she will take orders for me for the dresses! I invited them to come to MaryJane's Farm website and join in on the fun. I also asked if they would like to become part of Sweet Virginia Breezes MJFarm chapter and they said they would love to!! Here is Dani in her dress sitting in one of the hand made bent twig chairs that they sell.

It is such a lovely garden center. I feel like I am way out in the country, but it is on the edge of the city. Love this place.

Just a little look of one of my favorite places around Midlothian! I tell ya, one can meet the nicest people when you are a farmgirl at heart!

The building just below and to the right sits to the left of the Sanctuaries Garden Center. It is the main house, the Garden Center is the back/side yard of this home built in 1740. It is an antique store now, but was closed today. They have two lovely old homespun aprons with matching bonnets from about 1908 or so. The seams are machine stitched, but it is hand finished. The seams are hand bound with thread to prevent raveling of the fabric. I love those aprons, but don't want to spend that much for them. I found out from The Aprons book that Nancy Jo sent to me that fabric used to be only 24-25 inches wide, so now I know why there were seams in the skirt of the apron. This old home was a tavern in the 1700's. The inside is fabulous. You can go up and downstairs and they have it filled with antiques appropriate to each room. Bedrooms, kitchine, dining room etc. Love it. I'll try to get in it next week and snap interior photos if they will let me.

I promise to take my camera more around Richmond and give ya'll a tour of this historic area and the wonderful people I meet as I get around this Capitol of the Confederacy.

Love and lots of hugs,


nancyjo said...

What great pictures, and what a cute little girl. Can't believe you are going to make dresses for the owners!! Oh wait, yes I can. Maybe you could make dresses and aprons to sell, then you could stay home with me, because I will miss you when you go to work. You said that they thought they could sell like a zillion dresses, so add some aprons to that and TA-DA.
Isn't that something that I won Frannies reading contest? I don't win things to often.
Went to a wedding today, nice time, great weather, I looked real cute. Th bride was so so. HA

Blueridgegirl said...

So cool to have them ask for dresses and offer to sell them at their garden center. I like the dress too... I'm spending tonight trying to finish a skirt- doing okay until the hemming part!

Final thoughts...

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