Monday, June 26, 2006

Retro Fashions

My mother sent this photo to me. Look at this lovely apron. Love the sweetheart neckline and the ruffly trim on the skirt part. I am going to have to draft this one out. I love it. I want one like this for myself. I think I know just how I'm going to do it too. I think I'll give it a nice feminine treatment on the backside too and give it a full back rather than a tie around the neck! Thanks Mom!! LOVE this apron. Oh, the other one you sent to me is the Bobbie June, but just a shorter version of it. It is the H back canning apron!

I love this retro dress. I will be sewing this in the next few weeks for myself. I also want to adapt an apron from this. I love the darts on the front of the dress. The way it wraps is slimming, love the V bodice. It is a super simple pattern with high my humble opinion. I might look like a 10 pound sausage stuffed in a 5 pound casing when I make this, but I guess I could always wear it to bed as a gown! LOL

Here is another Retro pattern that I bought. Don't ya just love the wasp waist and the neckline on this one. And the cute little jacket is to die for.....Unfortunately I don't have a wasp waist. Ahhhh....but I have two daughters to sew for! LOL OMGosh, what am I thinking with this second pattern. I couldn't wear a bra with it....egads! Well...can't have that! LOL

I love these retro reissues by Butterick. There are many more available in their new catalogs. Check them out, they ought to be pretty fun to make!

Sorry, no new aprons to post tonight. Starting my second week of new job orientation.

Have a great day!

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The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...

I like that apron. Although white is not a stay clean color with 2 kids under 5 to smear hands on it...
Do you serge your aprons or do you use a regular machine? I have a regular machine and am considering an apron "sewing fest" so I can raise money for our new land. Would you have any recomendations on popular styles and sewing methods? A serger is just not doable in the near future. Thank you Aunte George! is there a way to email corespondances without leaving a comment here?

auntgeorge said...

Sure if you want to email me, my email is

I do use my serger, but there is a way to get a beautiful finish without any extra effort! Use your fabric selvedges to their fullest. Don't cut them off, especially with homespuns. You can also get a really nice finish with a straight stitch and zig zig or you can french seam....more work. The most popular styles seem to be anything retro right now. Everyone has a favorite granny who always wore an apron. So it is usually that style...whatever that may be...that people gravitate to. Most people who have emailed me seem to like the full aprons better than the half aprons. There are a few sites you can purchase nice retro patterns: and are two that come to mind. Also the big pattern makers are coming up with many reissues right now. If you live anywhere near a Hancock for their pattern sales. They are having a big one on July 4 for Simplicity patterns. They will be only 99cents each! Most have a limit of 5 per person, so I will be sending my daughters in with $5 each too! LOL

If you are going to do some half aprons, you don't need a pattern! I didn't use a pattern with the Nancy Jo apron either. Just cut it and sewed it right up. I used a skirt and repurposed it into an apron....voila'.

Email me....I'd love to talk aprons. Purhaps I could put a tutorial on this blog on how to cut and sew an apron without a pattern!


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