Saturday, June 10, 2006

Captain Quirk is on apron patrol

This one took me a couple of days simply because I have been mucking out the closets, family room, laundry stacks...all those things that are way behind due to surgery and recovery. Still have lots to do though. I don't really have a name for this blue apron other than I'll use it as an everyday apron. Any name ideas? Maybe I'll call it the Georgie Girl. It is made from royal blue seersucker with the vintage white cotton rick rack around the arms and throat. It has a small hankie pocket on the right. I used bias tape around the bottom, but ran out of it....duh...should have measured first! So I finished it with the rick rack. It is very, very light weight fabric and should be a comfortable summer apron for baking cookies or bread. I made the neck straps long enough so that they could actually be tied to the waist tie either straight down or crisscrossed in back. I was looking at some old aprons and this was sometimes done rather than sewing it down or buttoning it. It is tied in the front on Andrea, but I usually lengthen the waist ties so this can be done. I love to wrap my apron ties around and tie them in front! Just my little quirk. Hmmm.....sometimes I feel like Captain Quirk with my idiosyncratic methods of doing things! *g*

Here is my next apron project: This one is the Nancy Jo Apron. It is the one on the left, it has a lovely full back on it that buttons at the neck and then ties at the waist. I am going to add large pockets for gathering grandchildren's little scattered toys or eggs when making cookies! I bet you can even put a can of Clabber Girl Baking powder in the pocket. I want to experiment with some fancy pleating and lace additions to the bottom of the skirt part. This would also be very pretty in a Christmas print or calico! It looks like a really easy one to put together.

Did I mention I'm planning on doing a matching grand-daughter or daughter apron to the Nancy Jo? Hmmm....any name suggestions for the Little Nancy Jo? I LOVE the back on this little girl's apron!! I will probably just do some antique lace at the hem. I think I will be stacking and cutting at least three of these little ones. Set up some production line sewing for this. I have some adorable pink and brown calico for this apron in addition to the muslin Little Nancy Jo.

Below is one of the dresses I made for the play: Of Mice and Mozart. This was the dress that Mozart's sister Naneral wore in the play. It is a lovely all over blue rose cotton print. The white inset is a white on white cotton. I trimmed it in the prettiest silk braid. The little girl who wore this dress said: "I feel like a princess in this dress! Thank you so much for making it for me." Aww, she was so sweet! Everytime she wore it, her mother fixed her hair in banana curls and put the prettiest pink make up on her!

This lovely model is my darling daughter! She is doing a proper curtsey! I gave the girls durtsey instructions for the play. I had to laugh though, because the girls that I made elastic waist skirts for, kept pushing them down to their pubis bones like how some boys wear their baggy pants. I was so afraid they would trip on the hems since I measured them from the waistline to the floor, not from their pubic bones to the floor! LOL LOL

Oh, and the following photo of me is NOT for the faint of heart. My youngest daughter caught me in the kitchen looking my utmost beautiful! LOL...I really don't have many photos of me, since I am the one behind the camera most of the time. My mother sent me some taken on mother's day...I'll have to see if I can pull them up, but until then.....Meet Captain Quirk...aka Aunt George...I know it is a little fuzzy, but you know what? I'm wearing my most favorite shirt in the whole world. I'm wearing it right now even! LOL Have a wonderful night! Hope you don't have nightmares from my photo below!

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